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Bakery Products and Pasalubong Centers

Cebu is famous for its otap – a crisp, flaky and saccharine-coated biscuit perfected only by Shamrock. The perfection comes only from its original recipe since pre-WarCebu, traditional baking techniques and exacting quality which make Shamrock the most reputed and sought-after otap brand by loyal customers from here and around the world. Shamrock has also expanded its take-home delicacies to include hojaldres, galletas de huevo, baked polvoron, lady’s finger, patatas, rosquillos and other baked specialties such as raisin bread,  potato bread,  pan de sal and meatroll.


Although Shamrock products are also available in leading supermarkets and groceries, Shamrock’s pasalubong centers provide one-stop convenience for those who want to shop for other famous Cebuano delicacies such as boneless danggit, dried mangoes and masareal. The Pasalubong centers even offer popular delicacies from the Visayan region so you will get to enjoy them too without having to visit these places yourself.


Pasalubong Centers:


Shamrock Downtown Store

Located at corners V. Gullas and (formerly Manalili Street) and Mabini streets, Shamrock V. Gullas Store showcases more product choices plus the pleasure of ample parking and shopping space for your convenience. The V. Gullas Store is also the main office of the Shamrock family of businesses or Shamrock Bakery and Restaurant Corporation. View Map


Shamrock Capitol Store

If you’re staying somewhere uptown, Shamrock Capitol is just a stone-throw away from the Provincial Capitol which features a snack bar and a wide array of Shamrock pasalubong bakery products. Shamrock Capitol is on Don Gil Garcia Street.  View Map


Shamrock Fuente Store

Shamrock Fuente Store is conveniently located at the lobby of Shamrock Fuente Pension on Osmeña Boulevard or right across the famous Fuente Osmeña Rotunda. Side by side the pasalubong center is a snack bar / food  take-out cum Chinese-inspired café  to relax and wrap your busy day.  View Map


Shamrock Store in Barili

Shamrock Barili Pension is also the home of Shamrock Store in Barili. It’s situated at the heart of the town’s poblacion or theNational Highway.

If you’re on a holiday or on an excursion down south, the store offers an excellent carryout snacks you can bring along or to perk up your picnics and al frescos.   View Map


Shamrock Mactan Store

Shamrock Mactan understands that there are those who are too busy to get around the city to shop for delicacies thus, we have put up Shamrock Mactan to take care of your last minute pasalubong needs on your way to the airport.

Our friendly staff can assist you with your pasalubong needs swiftly so you can be rest assured that you have a bunch of sweet giveaways your loved ones truly deserve.   View Map

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